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e-Visa Oman 🇴🇲

30 days or 1 year

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Step 1 of 5 - Reason for travel

The visa for Oman can only be applied for on the Internet, using this form. Photocopies of your passport and a passport photo must be sent once the form has been completed. The agreement is materialized by the receipt of an electronic travel authorization (PDF) that should be printed in color and presented upon arrival in Oman.

You can enter Oman by any place you want (plane to Muscat / Muscat, boat, ...). You do not need a letter of invitation to complete the process. You must be outside of Oman at the time of application, have a hotel reservation in place and a means of leaving the country (return airfare, etc.).

The e-Visa is valid for tourists only, holding a passport valid for at least 6 months on the date of arrival in Oman. The e-Visa is valid for one or more stays up to 30 days. Once issued, you must enter Oman with the e-Visa within 33 days. The period of authorized stay will start from the moment you arrive in the country, not when the e-Visa is issued. We advise you to apply at least 2 days before your arrival in Oman.

Code Number of entries Maximum length of stay Time limit to enter Oman Answer Consular fees Service Fees Total tax included per traveler
26A Single entry Maximum stay of 10 days 33 days 72h 11 € 28 € 39 €
26B Single entry Stay of 15 to 30 days maximum 33 days 72h 50 € 35 € 85 €
36B Multiple entries Stays of 30 days max over 1 year 33 days 72h 125 € 40 € 165 €

Reason for travel

Common data for all travelers
Reason for travel*
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Be careful to indicate the date of arrival in Oman.
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The e-Visa is free of charge and can be obtained locally for Europeans for stays of less than 15 days. For longer stays (between 15 and 30 days), the e-Visa must be obtained online before arrival in Oman.
Documents to be provided
  • Photocopy of passport valid at least 6 months after arrival
  • Passportphoto
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