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Thailand Pass (ex-COE)

Details as of February 05, 2023

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The Thai government has confirmed the complete removal of the Thailand Passrequirement from 1 July 2022 for all travellers.

Travellers fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will have to provide a certificate of vaccination upon arrival in Thailand (but probably also upon embarkation from the country of departure), while travellers who are not or partially vaccinated will have to undergo a test (PCR or antigenic), 72 hours before arrival. The country has also announced the end of outdoor masks and temperature taking in low-traffic public places.

If no documents are presented on entry to Thailand, a rapid antigen test (ATK) - and probably a charge - will be made on the spot.
The information below therefore applies to travellers arriving by 1 July 2022.

Thailand seduces many with its impressive temples and beautiful beaches(Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya) or the hinterland(Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai). However, before flying to this country, it is necessary to follow certain procedures, especially in this period of health crisis. Whatever your reason for travelling, you must have a document called " Thailand Pass"(ex-Certificateof Entry or COE). Here is a closer look at this essential document for your trip to Thailand.

ℹ️ Warning

Bear in mind that the Thai authorities change their minds very often about entry procedures. They are also very fussy about the documents to be provided and their quality.

Thailand Pass : what is it?

The Thailand Pass is one of the alternatives put in place to facilitate air(via all the main international airports such as Hat Yai, Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Chiang Mai and U-tapao), sea or land entryinto Thailand since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. This is an official authorisation granted either by Thai immigration and no longer by the embassy closest to the traveller, to any person wishing to enter its territory.

Those eligible for the Thailand Pass

In summary, the Thailand Pass :

Our price list CHF 49
Time to obtain 5 days on average
Number of entries One entry
Eligible nationalities All
Consular fees No

All persons entering Thailand must provide this Thailand Pass, vaccinated or not, adults or minors, whether they have a visa or benefit from the 30-day visa waiver, even if they have a validre-entry. For stays longer than 30 days, a visa is required before departure (e-Visa TR, STV, OA, OX etc).

The Thailand Pass is issued for the duration of your stay only, and can only be used once.

The constraints around the Thailand Pass

As of 1 June 2022, Thais(only) no longer need Thailand Pass and no quarantine is required for all travellers, vaccinated or not. The Thai government has therefore discontinued the quarantine exemption "Test & Go"and its various associated programmes (Sandbox, QA, etc).

You are vaccinated

The following are therefore requested:

  • Proof of fullvaccination (details)
  • A plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (Covid-19 + > 10 000 USD)
  • A copy of the passport

You are not or partially vaccinated

The following are therefore requested:

  • 1 RT-PCR or antigenic test carried out by a professional within 72 hours of arrival in Thailand
  • A plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (Covid-19 + > 10 000 USD)
  • A copy of the passport

How to apply for Thailand Pass ?

The ancillary steps and the procedure for obtaining the Thailand Pass are quite tedious and involve a large number of steps that must be followed carefully, including converting the files to the correct format. We will take care of the various round trips with the authorities. You will have to submit all the documents to the Thai authorities and wait for them to check whether the criteria and requirements are met.

Step 1️⃣

The traveller applies for a Thailand Pass online.

Step 2️⃣

Thailand issues the Thailand PassThailand issues the "A" card, mostly in the order of arrival.

Step 3️⃣

The traveller can travel to Thailand in compliance with health regulations.

You must apply for an entry certificate at least 3 days before your planned departure date. Moreover, this authorization is only for one entry into Thailand and will be valid within the limits of the duration of your stay. In the case of a postponement of more than 7 days at the initiative of the traveller, you are obliged to reapply for Thailand Pass.

The documents common to all applications for Thailand Pass

To make your application, several documents are needed in the process. Their language is not important, you can provide documents in French, German or English.

  • Mandatory special insurance

    With a cover amount of USD 10,000 minimumis compulsory and is also a condition for the granting of a Thailand Pass. The amount covered may be the equivalent in another currency.

    This is a special insurance cover for Covid-19 treatment, valid at least for the duration of the stay in Thailand.

    The preferred insurer for travellers, Chapka Insurance, offers suitable insurance.
    For a 5% discount, click here.
  • A negative PCR test result

    Thailand exempts vaccinated travellers from "pre-departure PCR testing".

    Travellers who have not been or are only partially vaccinated must provide a negative PCR (or pro-ATK) test within 72 hours of arrival in Thailand, via the Thailand Pass.

  • The government's mobile application

    Thailand requires the installation of the mobile application MorChana on the smartphones of all travelers. It keeps you updated on restrictions and case developments in Thailand. To download on Apple iOS or Android

    Please note that some Thailand Pass are not recognised by the application. This is a known problem and will not cause any problems on site.

If you wish to benefit from the advantages for the vaccinated, you will have to provide :

  • proof of complete vaccination schedule (proof of last dose only requested)
  • if you have had Covid in the last 12 monthssingle-dose evidence
    • if the infection occurred within the last 3 months (but more than 14 days), you will need a certification of recovery from your doctor, certifying the absence of symptoms in case the on-site PCR shows a positive result
  • if you have had Covid-19 for more than 12 months, both doses will be required.

Good to know about vaccination:

  • Vaccination schedule must be complete for more than 14 days(2nd dose at least for more than 14 days before arrival in Thailand)
  • A partial vaccination scheme requires a negative PCR (or pro-ATK) test result within 72 hours prior to arrival in Thailand via the Thailand Pass.
  • At the moment Thailand does not require a 3rd or 4th dose, but you can provide proof anyway
  • No worries about having received different vaccines over the 2 injections, if this allows you to have the vaccine pass in your country of origin
  • Children under 12 years of age are not concerned by the vaccination if they accompany adults with a complete vaccination schedule. The same applies to partially vaccinated teenagers between 12 and 17 years of age.
  • All WHO-approved vaccines are recognised in Thailand

Form Thailand Pass

➡ Price from CHF 49 per traveler

The Thailand Pass is no longer required to travel to Thailand since July 1, 2022

... so we no longer propose this approach!


It is a one-page document with the Thai emblem and the scheme logo at the top. Just below it, you can read in capital letters, Thailand Passand the name of the traveller.

The document has a QR code so that the Thai authorities can easily find your file. The date of entry, the name of the chosen programme and a unique code are used to complete the paper. The latter contains the content of the QR Code.

Children under 12 have their own QR code, even if the application is made on a parent's QR code to the authorities. They will have to fill in a separate form on

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